When most of us think about possible ways to increase work productivity through computer upgrades, we immediately come up with the obvious solutions like “a faster processor” or “more RAM”.Some of us might even go so far as to suggest upgrading to a newer operating system or even the installation of expensive “ultra” “wide” “blah-blah-blah” SCSI drives. Admittedly, these are all dandy solution if one has gobs of money lying around, but personally, I live in a place called reality where all of these options leave a little something to be desired… something like feasibility.

There is another solution however, an amazingly effective solution. An amazingly effective software solution which will increase productivity by nearly a 1000% using the most standard of all input devices. And did I mention that this alternate solution is entirely FREE? The Keybonic Note Pad, by the wizards at NeuralSystems in PA, is a new freeware text-editor that will increase just about anyone’s typing speed on any standard computer keyboard by nearly a hundred fold, simply through the use of a cleaver software acceleration called Keybonic Acceleration. No extra hardware required, no tricky license agreements, no money down, no invasive registration forms, no pesky reminders or secretive browser cookies; just an amazing piece of freeware.

Describing exactly how Keybonic Acceleration works or even what it is can be rather tough. Here’s the technical definition as provided by the products creators: “Keybonic acceleration is the application of advanced techniques in Artificial Intelligence and Partial-Linguistic-Fractal-Interpolation, originally designed for military use in small communication devices by soldiers operating under hostile conditions.” Aside from not being very helpful, the clinical definition of Keybonic Acceleration gives no clue as to how magical the technology really is. It’s a language parser linked to a neural network that monitors individual keystrokes. By analyzing the order in which keys are pressed through advanced pattern matching against a fractal database of linguistics, the technology can actually construct entire sentences out of mere keystrokes, almost giving one the eerie sense that there is some sort telepathy taking place. The computer seems to know what it is you that want to type using some soft of super- intuition. Creepy?, Yes! Amazingly baffling?, Yes! I’m even curious to know if any studies have been done to see if this technology is helpful in reducing occurrences of carpel-tunnel syndrome and all other muscular ailments perpetrated on us through the prolonged torturous use of the classical qwerty.

Regardless of the technological know-how behind the scenes and not to mention all of the interesting thoughts that come to mind ( knowing that the military must have some mind-boggling technology nowadays if inventions as amazing as Keybonic Acceleration are readily available on the net as freeware ) I’m typing faster then I ever thought humanly possible and now have even more spare time left to scour the net in search of further high-tech time saving gizmos. Who knows, maybe the military has already written a spider or bot that can do this automatically. At least one can have hope. I highly recommend the Keybonic Note Pad to everyone. It is easily the most remarkable freeware utility I have found in months. You can even download your own copy right here from the Tyrant. Impress your boss by answering all of her mail using Keybonic Acceleration.She’ll thank you greatly for the time you’ve saved her.


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