Steve Jobs cuddles the new iBear...but will consumers be so affectionate?

Every couple years or so, a product comes out that is so innovative, or at least different, that it changes the way people think. When Apple released the iMac in 1997, its all-in-one construction, ease of set-up and colorful futuristic look changed the way people think about entry-level home computers forever. Unfortunately, the paradox of the iMac became apparent as it was put through its paces by reviewers and home users alike. Although it looked like an innovative product from the outside, on the inside many of its features could not stand up to other entry level computers from competing companies. On the plus side, the success of the iMac demonstrated that the public was willing , if not eager, to embrace a computer that was not angular, institutional and gray.

With the release a the iBunny and iBear, Apple is once again challenging the home computing paradigm. With an almost cavalier disregard for the latest innovations in computer design, the iBunny and iBear sacrifice speed, power and upgradability for fluffy cuteness. Will this strategy spawn another round of imitators and "we were first" lawsuits or has Apple finally gone too far?

Pc tyrant recently caught up with Steve Jobs and asked him a few questions about the iBunny.

Pctyrant: "From an outsiders point of view, the iBunny concept looks completely insane..what was your inspiration?"

Steve: "The friendly look of the iBunny and iBear was specifically designed to appeal to an underserved segment of the population. Our research with these groups...predominately teenage girls, toddlers and the mentally retarded, has shown that the main reason that they are not using computers is that the modern computer looks intimidating. Further research had shown that if a computer was to look more like a toy or ,say, a piece of candy, they would definitely use one. The iMac already looked like a piece of candy, so we went with the toy concept."

PCtyrant "Aren't you worried that the iBunny will undermine your reputation with the serious mac power user...won't they feel abandoned or perhaps betrayed?"

Steve: "Oh no, not at all..."

PCtyrant: "Uh, that's it?...I mean what kind of....."

Steve:"Look, I know where you're going with this, but it's just not an issue. The mac community understands...we're about innovation, change, about thinking's sort of a cult... I mean club of sorts. Companies do this all the time. Look at Ford, the car company...they gave us the Mustang.. they also brought us the Fiesta, but no one says, 'Hey man, how can you drive a mustang dude, don't you feel betrayed by the Fiesta dude?'...of course not! How absurd!"

PCtyrant:"Yes, but look at Queen...they wrote 'We are the Champions', 'Bohemian Rhapsody', 'Spread Your Wings', 'Mustafa' know, real classics! But who likes 'Radio GA-GA'? I'll tell you who...people with no taste! ANY self respecting fan wouldn't be caught dead with 'HOT SPACE' in their collection..."

Steve: "Yes, but does that change your opinion about Queen's earlier music.In otherwords, does the existence of 'Radio GA-GA' negate the credibility of say, 'Fat Bottomed Girls" ?

PCtyrant: "'s just kinda sad..."

Steve:: "Perhaps, but remember, HOT SPACE was a huge hit in Europe and South America where Queen's music was played regularly in the dance clubs...It's just a different audience that's all."

PCtyrant: "One more quick question Steve.....Van Halen...Roth or Hagar?"

Steve: " Well, Roth of course."

PCtyrant: "Exactly."

Steve then excused himself as he was late for his yoga class.

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The iBunny as originally conceived by the Apple design team (note the missing front paws). The iBunny for public release will include front paws, fluffy tail, and choice of pink, white or brown iFur. Wiskers and remote" Egg-mouse" available on the special limited edition Easter iBunny only.

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